Welcome to Levente László’s HOROI Project!

Welcome to HOROI Project, a continuously evolving library of Hellenistic and Byzantine astrological texts in English translation! Borrowing its name from a now-lost book, Horoi (“Definitions”), ascribed to the legendary astrologer Petosiris, this project aims at producing English translations of all the extant texts on horoscopic astrology written in or translated into Greek. Click here learn more about HOROI Project.

HOROI Project is funded by individual supporters via Patreon, where you can find the existing translations with new ones added about once or twice a week. The translations produced since May 2020 are being transferred to this site, where they are revised, and in relation to this transferral, the glossary and the other reference sections are continuously updated.

HOROI Project is carried out by Levente László, a classical philologist (MA in Latin, currently a Ph.D. candidate with a dissertation titled “The Astrological Inceptions of the Emperor Zeno’s Anonymous Astrologer” to be defended soon), whose specialization is the textual and technical history of Hellenistic and Byzantine astrology.

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Note (November 28, 2022). Paulus of Alexandria’s Introduction to Astrology is currently being uploaded. Its pre-revision form will be soon accessible in the patron-only section.

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