Welcome to Levente László’s HOROI Project!


Welcome to HOROI Project, a continuously evolving library of Hellenistic and Byzantine astrological texts in English translation! Borrowing its name from a now-lost book, Horoi (“Definitions”), ascribed to the legendary astrologer Petosiris, this project aims at producing English translations of all the extant texts on horoscopic astrology that were written in or translated to Greek. Besides the several open-access translations, the complete library of texts is accessible only to supporters via Patreon. Click here to learn more about HOROI Project.

The project is carried out by Levente László, a classical philologist MA (Ph.D. thesis to be defended in late 2022) from Hungary, whose specialization is the textual and technical history of Hellenistic and Byzantine astrology. Click here to learn more about Levente.


Rhetorius on inceptions

The text is extant in two versions. The shorter version is attributed to Rhetorius on ff. 180v–181r of its unique manuscript, ms Paris, BNF, gr. 2425 (R), where it constitutes the second part of “Rhetorius”, Explanation 6.23. The extended version, which is obviously...

“Rhetorius” on the systematic interpretation of nativities

The following chapter, which is now the only known Hellenistic exposition of how to interpret nativities systematically, is extant in three versions. Version X Revision The Byzantine version An exposition of instructions on how to interpret births 22. Instructions on...

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